Interpretation/Language and Integration Support (Dolmetschen/Sprach- und Integrationsmittlung)

Arriving in a new country is frequently more difficult because of linguistic obstacles. Besides language learning courses, linguistic and integration support (Sprach- und Integrationsmittlung) as well as interpretation services therefore play an important part.


Thuringia’s brokerage service for linguistic and integration support (Sprach- und Integrationsmittler*innen = SprIntpool Thuringia) offers the services of qualified linguistic and integration support staff (Sprach- und Integrationsmittler*innen, acronym: SprInt) assigned to education, healthcare and social matters. SprInt staff provides professional interpretation services, handles and provides information on social and cultural questions. They recognize misunderstandings and advise the participants as to the reasons and assist social service workers.

SprInt assignments may be requested via phone, email or fax. There is a charge for the services; however, under certain circumstances, these costs will be paid by the respective underwriters.

The brokerage service and the qualification of the SprInt staff receives funding from the Free State of Thuringia.

Interpretation State Program

Certain advocates and organizations have the option to use the Interpretation State Program to book video and audio interpretation services for conversations with refugees and other new residents of Thuringia upon registration.