About us

Welcome to the LAT projects website. We help refugees and employers to find each other - through advice, support, testing and training. On this website, we introduce ourselves and our services(local support). We provide you with basic information on topics that you will encounter on the path to employment(information pages) and report on people who have mastered important steps on their path to a (new) career start(success stories).

Who are we?

There are LAT projects at many locations throughout Thuringia run by different organizations. You can find the contact details of the individual projects and a brief description via Local support. The projects are funded by the state program Work for Thuringia - LAT for short. Our mission is to promote the professional qualification and integration of refugees and migrants who do not have access to SGB II. The aim is to enable economic self-determination and participation in social life.

What do we offer you?

We offer refugees and migrants guidance and personal advice. We arrange jobs and apprenticeships as well as educational opportunities. In addition, there are several LAT projects that offer qualifications for refugees and migrants. We support employers throughout the entire process of professional integration. You can contact us if you have questions about the general conditions and preparation for employment or if you are looking for support in accompanying a trainee.

During the consultation, we will address your individual questions and needs. This enables us to develop prospects together and identify educational opportunities. We are in regular contact with relevant local network partners so that we can provide good support for transitions to qualifications, work and training and coordinate all important issues in a targeted manner.

How can you find us?

The LAT projects are located in various regions in Thuringia. You can find a list of all projects under Local support.

Thuringian Office for Refugees in Work and Training

The Thuringian Office for Refugees in Work and Training (Fachstelle) ensures the professional quality of the project work by providing information, training and networking opportunities for the LAT projects. The specialist unit is also available to you if you would like to contact LAT projects or have questions about the labor market integration of refugees and migrants. Feel free to contact us by phone or email or write to us using the contact form. You can find out more about the work of the specialist unit on our project page on local support.

General contact