Entry Level Qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung = EQ)

Entry Level Qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung = EQ)

The term entry level qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung = EQ) refers to a paid long-term internship at a company. In an EQ you will be specifically prepared for your future apprenticeship content and you get to familiarize yourself with the day-to-day business operations.

During the EQ you may be eligible for additional funding, e.g. for general education, professional theory teachings, language courses or social-pedagogic support (see also Apprenticeship Programs/Tools).

An entry level qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung), as a rule takes between six and twelve months. During this period you will be employed and subject to social security insurance contributions. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a professional letter of recommendation, and, upon request, also a certificate issued by the competent professional chamber (e.g chamber of commerce, trade (IHK, HWK)).

If you are interested in an entry level qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung), please contact a LAT-Project in your area (Local Assistance).