Apprenticeship/Educational Tolerance (Ausbildungsduldung)

While completing a qualifying apprenticeship or academic education, individuals subject to enforceable mandatory emigration (individuals under tolerance restrictions (Duldung) have the option to safeguard their residency under certain conditions as a result of an apprenticeship/educational tolerance (Ausbildungsduldung), for the duration of the educational measure and thereafter. During the asylum proceedings (temporary residency permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung)) or for holders of a residency permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) an application for an apprenticeship/educational tolerance (Ausbildungsduldung) is not required.

In 2020, the Thüringer IvAF Netzwerk BLEIBdran developed a support document for Thuringia that provides insights into the legal framework and the application process. You can find this helpful document at:

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