Language acquisition

The acquisition of the German language is an important prerequisite for professional integration in particular.

Access to the integration courses of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) depends on the residence status. For persons who are still in the asylum procedure, the country of origin (presumed prospects of staying) and the date of entry into Germany (before/after 01.08.2019) are decisive. For persons with a Duldung, participation is only open if they have a discretionary Duldung (e.g. training Duldung). Access to a job-related German language support program (DeuFöV) of the BAMF is open to persons without a residence permit after three months of permitted stay or after six months of tolerated stay in the context of professional integration. The accesses are presented in an overview of the GGUA Flüchtlingshilfe (March 2020):

Through the Start Deutsch state program, German language courses at various language levels are offered throughout Thuringia for individuals without access to BAMF integration courses. In addition, individual model projects "Work and Language Acquisition" are carried out. Information on the Start Deutsch state program can be found here:

Finding the right language course is sometimes not easy. The "Language Support" working group (AG II) of the Thuringian State Integration Advisory Council has therefore compiled an overview for Thuringia entitled "German as a Second Language: Offers for New Immigrants". It lists offers in the initial reception facilities and in the districts and independent cities. The overview is structured according to age groups. The focus is on courses and language learning opportunities funded by the federal government and the state of Thuringia. The brochure is updated regularly.

The Thuringian State Integration Advisory Board has also produced a brochure "German as a Second Language: Language Certificates at a Glance" to ensure greater confidence in understanding or using language certificates.

Both brochures can be found at:

If you have any questions about language acquisition, please contact an LAT project near you. The project staff are familiar with the courses on offer locally. Some LAT projects also offer job-related language training.

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