Educational Assistance/Tools (Ausbildungsförderung/Instrumente)

The Agency for Vocational Education (Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe = BAB) is a government sponsored program for apprentices and participants of preparatory vocational training programs for those who are unable to reside with their parents. Given that the remuneration paid to apprentices is frequently insufficient, the agency (BAB) offers the option to receive financial aid with living expenses.

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Assisted Training (Assistierte Ausbildung (AsA) is a support program offered by the German Federal Labor Department (Bundesagentur für Arbeit = BA) available to those completing vocational training. Thanks to the fact that it is now anchored in applicable law and has been consolidated with the previously available “education accompanying assistance” (ausbildungsbegleitende Hilfen = abH), this support tool has now been permanently integrated into the German Social Security Act III (SGB III) under its new name - AsA flex. Moreover, the previous restrictions to those with learning disabilities and the socially disadvantaged have been abolished. There is no age limit.

Assistance is available to all young people who cannot start or continue their vocational training without support or if the successful completion of such a program is at risk.

Consequently, the objectives of Assisted Training (Assistierte Ausbildung) are: 1. The start of vocational training and 2. Guidance towards the completion of an apprenticeship. It offers young people eligible to receive assistance, support programs prior to and during their vocational training.

Participants are assigned an Educational Consultant by an educational service provider, who will assist with the search for an apprenticeship, during the training process and during the transition into a career. Furthermore, the program comprises options aiming at the reduction of educational and linguistic deficits as well as programs that teach professional and theoretical skills, knowledge and capabilities.

However, it is also possible for companies to receive apprenticeship management support from the educational service provider.

For all information related to the access requirements, the support available for businesses and the filing of applications, please consult the Professional Instructions and the website of the German Federal Labor Department (Agentur für Arbeit):

Professional Instructions (Assistierte Ausbildung flexibel = AsA flex) Third Book of the German Social Security Act – SGB III §§ 74 – 75a SGB III:,-158,759

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