Entry Level Qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung = EQ)

Entry Level Qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung = EQ)

The term entry level qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung = EQ) refers to a paid long-term internship at a company. The possible terms last six to twelve months.

As a rule, an EQ aims at preparation for an apprenticeship. In an EQ, future apprentices are guided specifically towards training content, and they are familiarized with the everyday business operations. An EQ is particularly helpful for individuals who do not yet have a full set of apprenticeship capabilities or need assistance with specific, individual requirements.

For companies or businesses, an EQ offers the opportunity to guide future apprentices towards their training in a practice-based manner. The German Federal Labor Department (Agentur für Arbeit) will reimburse employers for the monthly EQ remuneration and also pays a lump sum of general social security insurance contributions. The company or business pays the human resource and material costs.

EQ participants may be entitled to additional funds while completing the program, e.g. for general education, professional theory, language courses or social-pedagogic support (see also Apprenticeship Programs/Tools).

For more information, please contact a LAT-Project in your area or the German Federal Labor Department at: https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/unternehmen/ausbildungsbetriebe/einstiegsqualifizierung-arbeitgeber