Information for refugees and employers

Welcome to our information pages. We aim to jointly create job and training perspectives. Find helpful basic information on subjects we encounter frequently while going through this process. As LAT-Projects we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Orientation for employers

On the following pages, we explain tools and topics that can give you orientation and help you integrate your employees.

Development of professional perspectives

On the following pages, we explain topics and terms that can give you an initial orientation and help you develop your career and stay prospects.

Orientation in terms of residence law

Whether refugees and migrants are allowed to work depends on the residence status they are granted. On the following pages, we will give you a brief overview of residence regulations and their impact on access to the labor market.

Life situations and needs

Refugees and migrants naturally have different prerequisites and support needs. The funding landscape in the field of migration is just as diverse. Here you will find a selection of factors and aspects that help or limit refugees and migrants.