SprInt - Qualification as a language and integration mediator in education, health and social services

SprInt – Qualifizierung zum*zur Sprach- und Integrationsmittler*in im Bildungs-, Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen

Our qualification offer makes it possible to obtain the requirements to work successfully as a language and integration mediator within 18 months.

Migrants often feel that they are not properly understood in authorities, schools, medical institutions and social services. Professionals invest more time than usual in counseling or treating migrants. Nevertheless, they are unsure whether all questions have been clarified. This results in mistrust and dissatisfaction on both sides and avoidable additional costs for the institutions. This is where professional language and integration mediators (SprInt) can help.

The future language and integration mediators are taught in a total of 9 learning fields. They acquire knowledge about the basics and structures of education, health and social services as well as the theory and practice of interpreting, migration and participation, reflection skills, social skills and communication skills. The theoretical lessons are consolidated in 2 internship phases.

After successful completion of the qualification, the SprInt can work in educational, social and health care institutions or as independent interpreters. If desired, they can be included in the Thuringian Placement Service and placed through it.

Participation in the training is free of charge; travel expenses are reimbursed.

The project ends on 31.05.2023.

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Institut für Berufsbildung und Sozialmanagement (IBS) gemeinnützige GmbH
Wallstraße 18
99084 Erfurt

SprInt Qualifizierung: https://www.ibs-thueringen.de/project/sprintpool-thueringen/#quali_start

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