FIF 3.0 - Promoting the professional integration of foreign specialists and workers (IHK Erfurt)

FIF 3.0 – Förderung der beruflichen Integration ausländischer Fach- und Arbeitskräfte (IHK Erfurt)

FIF 3.0 - Promotion of the professional integration of foreign skilled workers and employees - is a joint project of the Thuringian chambers of commerce. The service center comprises 7 integration consultants throughout Thuringia and is aimed at refugees and migrants residing in Thuringia who are not in receipt of SGB II benefits (no job center customers).

For the target group of immigrants residing in Thuringia:

  • Assistance in accessing the regional training and labor market.

  • Support in the search for training and jobs, matching, coaching

  • Placement in training, work, career-oriented internships, entry-level qualifications

  • Competence assessments, preparation of individual qualification and career plans

  • Advice on the recognition procedure for foreign professional qualifications

  • Intensive cooperation with network partners in refugee integration or migration counseling, with providers of language training, welcome centers, authorities

For companies:

  • First point of contact for the professional integration of foreign skilled workers and employees with one-stop services, exploratory and referral counseling

  • Comprehensive consulting and support services for companies for professional integration in internships, training, work

  • Matching, placement, follow-up support

  • Recognition consulting for foreign vocational qualifications

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Industrie- und Handelskammer Erfurt
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99096 Erfurt

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