MultiPotential (Mulhouse)

MultiPotenzial (Mühlhausen)

In order to exploit potential, we link social and professional integration.

We support with:

  • career entry (placement in training and work, internships and entry-level qualification)

  • placement in integration and language courses

  • the preparation of application documents, job interviews or business start-ups

  • applying for state benefits

  • the search for housing

  • arranging daycare and school places

  • applying for extensions of residence permits and family reunification

  • health counseling

MultiPotenzial is aimed at asylum seekers with a residence permit and refugees with a tolerated status as defined by the German Residence Act. There are no restrictions regarding gender, ethnicity or country of origin.

Offering people a real chance - that is only possible with work. Work is more than just a "job," it is a "profession. It conveys pride and dignity, respect and self-esteem. Work therefore has its own value. Finding such a job and offering prospects is therefore a central challenge of integration policy.

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