CONTACT 1A - Meiningen

KONTAKT 1A - Meiningen

By means of the pedagogical holistic approach, the primary goal is to sustainably support the participants in their social and professional integration in the training and labor market. The program is aimed at women with a migration background/refugee experience who are not entitled to benefits under Social Code Book II when they enter the project or during their entire participation in the project.

In addition to analyzing and reducing the existing vocational placement barriers, a vocational perspective is developed with the participants and the prerequisites for vocational integration are created with them. The content of the KONTAKT 1A program is designed to meet the special needs of women with a migrant background who have access to the labor market, and includes up to four key activities with the overarching goal of introducing them to the training and labor market, as well as professional integration, while at the same time increasing their ability to integrate socially.

  • Workshop - daily 4 UE

  • Individual coaching - weekly 2 - 4 UE (corresponds to an average hourly rate)

  • Vocational orientation, testing, qualification and integration internships (the amount of time depends on the individual situation of the participant and her development/integration progress)

  • Integration into the educational institution's internal care course to prepare for a job in the care sector and/or to participate in the professional qualification as a care specialist, which is expected to be offered by the educational institution Meiningen e.V. starting in the fall of 2022.

In order to support the participants optimally and according to their needs, the above-mentioned key activities are available as optional or elective services. This means that participants can take part in all, one or 2-3 selected activities. The specific activity focus(s) is/are determined individually for each participant and can be adapted to the current stage of development during the course of project participation. In order to provide the participants with tailored support services, the project operates within a multi-professional network.

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