Thuringia Office for Refugees in Employment and Training

Thüringer Fachstelle Flüchtlinge in Arbeit und Ausbildung

The Thuringian Office for Refugees in Employment and Training advises, trains and networks projects in Thuringia that support recognized refugees and refugees with a residence permit or toleration in their integration into the labor market.

Tasks and services:

  • Information, advice and training for project sponsors on the subject of access to training and the labor market.

  • Networking and practice-related exchange of project sponsors

  • Preparation of project-relevant technical and methodological knowledge

  • Documentation of successful factors in the placement of the target group in work and training

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Institut für Berufsbildung und Sozialmanagement (IBS) gemeinnützige GmbH
Wallstraße 18
99084 Erfurt

Julia Tantoh

Mobil: 01590 4865563

Paul Reumschüssel

Mobil: 01590 4865563

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