SIMBA (Language Integration Together Profession Recognition)

SIMBA (Sprache Integration Miteinander Beruf Anerkennung)

SIMBA is a project for asylum seekers, migrants and refugees, which aims to ensure integration in the sense of social participation and equal opportunities.

The primary goals of our project are the development of linguistic competencies, vocational action competence of the participants, professional qualification and the (re-)establishment of employability. Furthermore, we want to promote the adaptability of the participants to social, technical and economic change as well as sustainable professional and social integration.

Necessary steps for this are:

  • Reduction of language barriers / language deficits

  • Development of general education knowledge and basics

  • Teaching job-related personal and social skills (skills assessments)

  • Cultural sensitization

  • Acquisition of basic vocational qualifications in our workshop with the goal of training maturity

  • Internships

  • Integration into the professional and working world

  • Completion: Language level A1/A2 or B1

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