New opportunity - future-oriented integration

Neue Chance - zukunftsorientierte Integration

Recording of the existing skills and abilities in the intended occupational fields and the already existing language competence

By combining vocational project work with the teaching of job-related vocabulary, we give participants* the opportunity to try out jobs until they are hired by regional companies.

Project content: The aim is to establish competencies in our occupational fields that are eligible for training and that are specific to the provider, including construction trades, home economics, care and nursing. This process is accompanied by offers that support and guarantee vocational integration. Thus, in addition to technical knowledge and requirements according to German standards, very concrete professional framework conditions are also taught. In addition, we provide support in all matters relating to professional integration. This includes support with applications for e.g. travel costs to the workplace and for work clothes, registration and re-registration with a health insurance company, clarification of childcare during working hours. Through the use of our specialist trainers and social pedagogues, entrepreneurial requirements are communicated to the participants. To ensure a successful process, we are in regular contact with companies seeking employment. No generally valid application strategies are developed. Applications are always targeted and written for specific companies with concrete job offers. Our goal is to facilitate the participants' arrival and integration in the company according to their needs.

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