MultiPotential (Sondershausen)

MultiPotenzial (Sondershausen)

In order to exploit potential, we link social and professional integration.

MultiPotenzial is aimed at asylum seekers with a residence permit, refugees with a tolerated stay within the meaning of the Residence Act, refugees with a residence permit within the meaning of the Residence Act if they do not yet have an unlimited settlement permit, and people from other EU countries and third countries who are staying in the North Thuringia region. There are no restrictions with regard to gender, ethnicity or country of origin.

Offering people a real chance - that is only possible with work. Work is more than just a "job," it is a "profession. It conveys pride and dignity, respect and self-esteem. Work therefore has its own value. Finding such a job and offering prospects is therefore a central challenge of integration policy.

We support, advise and accompany with:

  • questions around the professional future, orientation, perspectives, competences (path planning)

  • career entry (placement in apprenticeships and jobs, internships and EQ)

  • placement in integration and language courses

  • the preparation of application documents, job interviews or business start-ups

  • acquiring a driver's license

  • applying for state benefits

  • the search for housing

  • arranging daycare and school places

  • applying for extensions of residence permits and family reunification

  • health counseling

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Gemeinnützige Förderungsgesellschaft Arbeit und Umwelt mbH (FAU)
Frankenhäuser Str. 64
99706 Sondershausen

Jürgen Rauschenbach

Geschäftsführung/ Koordination

Anna-Lena Engelmann


Franziska Müller


Gemeinnützige Förderungsgesellschaft Arbeit und Umwelt mbH (FAU):

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