IBB - Integration for vocational training (SAZZV)

IBB – Integration für berufliche Bildung (SAZZV)

The focus of the course is on teaching job-related German skills as well as general vocational knowledge and basics, but also practical testing in the professional field.

SAZ currently offers a practical vocational trial in the vocational field of metal and in the field of home economics.

Contents of the course are:

  • the language content taught is generally job-related and serves to prepare for practical instruction

  • Determination of vocational competences and skills

  • vocational field testing, orientation internship

  • imparting of basic vocational qualifications

  • Improvement of general and job-related German language skills

  • Imparting general vocational knowledge and basics

  • Continuing support services / socio-pedagogical support

  • Job application coaching with the aim of placement in employment

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Zweckverband Sonneberger Ausbildungszentrum
Friedrich-Engels-Str. 156
96515 Sonneberg

Liudmila Neubrand

Zweckverband Sonneberger Ausbildungszentrum: https://www.sazzv.de/

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