FIF 3.0 - Promoting the professional integration of foreign skilled workers and employees (South Thuringia)

FIF 3.0 - Förderung der beruflichen Integration ausländischer Fach- und Arbeitskräfte (Südthüringen)

FIF 3.0 - Promotion of the professional integration of foreign skilled workers - is a joint project of the Thuringian chambers of commerce. The service center comprises 7 integration consultants throughout Thuringia and is aimed at refugees and migrants residing in Thuringia.

For the target group of immigrants residing in Thuringia:

  • Assistance in accessing the regional training and labor market.

  • Support in the search for training and jobs, matching, coaching

  • Placement in training, work, career-oriented internships, entry-level qualifications

  • Competence assessments, preparation of individual qualification and career plans

  • Advice on the recognition procedure for foreign professional qualifications

  • Intensive cooperation with network partners in refugee integration or migration counseling, with providers of language training, welcome centers, authorities

For companies:

  • First point of contact for the professional integration of foreign skilled workers and employees with one-stop services, exploratory and referral advice

  • Comprehensive consulting and support services for companies for professional integration in internships, training, work

  • Matching, placement, follow-up support

  • Recognition consulting for foreign vocational qualifications

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