Perspective HSA

Perspektive HSA

Target group:

The project targets both migrants who are not long-term unemployed and long-term unemployed migrants with a refugee background who have completed compulsory education or are exempt from it upon application to the education authority.

Line item:

  • Breaking down language and cultural barriers

  • Preparation for an external school leaving certificate

  • Acquisition of a qualification equivalent to a secondary school leaving certificate

  • Carrying out internships with a view to making a career choice, possibly the opportunity for training or employment in the internship company

Project modules:

  • Phase 1: preliminary measure (2 months)

  • Phase 2: Preparation for the external performance assessment for the acquisition of a qualification equivalent to a secondary school leaving certificate.

  • Phase 3: Follow-up support until the end of the probationary period - max. 31.12.2022


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99089 Erfurt

Perspektive HSA:

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