KIA 4.0 - Come to work (Heilbad Heiligenstadt)

KIA 4.0 - Komm in Arbeit (Heilbad Heiligenstadt)

The aim of "KIA 4.0" is to bring people in the asylum application process with positive prospects of staying in touch with the labor market at an early stage. To this end, support is provided in dealing with social and legal problems. In addition, placement in internships, voluntary services, training or studies is to be supported in order to create the basis for integration into the labor market.

Project offer:

  • Activation and target group-oriented integration processes through specific intercultural competence assessment procedures
    (non-verbal, in the respective mother tongues)

  • Individual case assistance

  • Mediation to potential employers

Target groups:

  • Persons in the asylum application process with positive prospects of staying without age restriction in shared accommodations and in decentralized accommodation/EU citizens.

  • Access during the ongoing asylum procedure or EU citizens who are not in job center receipt possible


  • Vocational orientation

  • Early creation of labor market proximity to the labor market integration of persons during the asylum procedure or after recognition by:
    - Case management in the processing of social and legal administrative problems
    - Investigation of social and professional skills to restore the labor market proximity
    - Placement in (long-term) internships, voluntary services, training, studies, work and further measures,
    which promotes integration in the labor market.


Hospitalstraße 16
37305 Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Ines Flötling

Mobil: 017860173345

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