ASÜ - Training and Work for Asylum Seekers in Southern Thuringia (SPA)

ASÜ - Ausbildung und Arbeit für Asylbewerber in Südthüringen (SPA)

Employment and learning offer for asylum seekers in the initial reception center Suhl:

  • First steps in the German language (TIBOR GmbH)

  • Work trials in the fields of wood and metal (SPA gGmbH), sewing/housekeeping and EDP/IT (TIBOR GmbH)

  • Competence assessment with competence and occupation cards

  • offer meaningful occupation for the residents and at the same time impart linguistic and social competences

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SPA, Simson Private Akademie gemeinnützige GmbH
Pfütschbergstraße 6
98527 Suhl


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